Our customers are our fans

Our customers become fans, as soon as they realize that we have made a huge difference in a short amount of time.

“From new product and service launch to marketing programs that have produced dramatic customer and revenue growth, Startup Rampís hands-on execution has made all the difference.”
David S. Nill, CEO & President, Rapid Legal Inc.

John Kogan, CEO, Proformative Inc.

John Zicker, CEO, CrossLoop Inc.

Chuck Ciarlo, CEO, Monet Software Inc.

John Badger, VP Marketing, Pandesa

Lee Pooler, Founder, Jub Jub Interactive

Ron Enge, Senior Partner, Blue Skies LLC

Paul McNamara, Founder and CEO, Coghead

“As a founder of a SaaS company and trusted partner to Angel Investors, I know that building effective sales channels & partnerships can often take years. Startup Ramp makes this happen in a fraction of the time.”
Paul Tabet, Partner, Topline Capital LLC

“Startup Ramp cuts to the chase when it comes to strategy and messaging. The demos and videos they create are professional, cost effective and compelling. I would highly recommend them to every startup trying to break through the noise.”
Rosie Hausler, President, Sandhill PR

Dr. Stefan Harries, Managing Director, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS

And of course, all our fans are references.