Marketing Strategy & Customer Experience Design
It's easy to rush ahead and overlook the fundamental building blocks for success as you build your company and launch products and services:
Focus: Resisting the pressure to be too many things to many different audiences can be a challenge
Simplicity: Using plain language instead of technology speak and buzzwords will move you ahead faster
Execution: Aligning sales and marketing execution with your positioning strategy is key

Startup Ramp helps you overcome these challenges. We offer:
Simple positioning and message development that act as a springboard for sales, marketing and investor communications
Focused and targeted go-to-market approaches that establish sustainable market traction that you can replicate in additional markets
Customer experience, sales alignment and tools that enable sales, build community and get prospects and customers excited
  Many companies can’t really answer the following questions: What customer/user problem are we solving? Why is this a pain point? How do we solve it? What is the true value to the customer? How are we different? It sounds simple, but when you ask 5 different people in a typical company, you often get 5 different answers. Startup Ramp helps you develop a clear and concise story that addresses customer needs and communicates a compelling value proposition:
Messaging & Positioning
Customer & Market Validation
  Value Proposition       
  Have you heard this before? “I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket”. It's very rare to find a small to medium sized company that was very successful by being everything to everyone out of the gate. A clear strategy with a targeted business opportunity and aligned resources is essential for predictive success. Startup Ramp helps you identify your market, package your offering, develop a plan and align sales and marketing execution:
Go-to-Market Strategy
Marketing & Launch Plan
Marketing Effectiveness
  Today, companies sell through partners, affiliates, developers, and even through their own users and customers. Whatever your model is, you need to enable your “sales” force: You need to get them excited and productive and you need to give them tools and incentives to share their excitement with new prospects, customers and users. Startup Ramp is specialized in delivering simple and effective tools that tell your story and make everyone your “sales” person:
Marketing & Sales Alignment
Sales Tools & Presentations
Customer Experience Design